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  • Basic New Printer Setup
  • Hp driver installation
  • Wireless Setup
  • USB Connection setup
  • Network Setup
  • Print setup
  • Copy Setup
  • Scan Setup
  • Airprint Setup
  • ePrint Setup
  • Cloud Print setup
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123 HP Deskjet Printer Setup - We Support

Printer Connection Setup

Proceed with our step by step instructions and do execution steps to accomplish the 123.hp.com/setup for printer functions enhancement.

Printer Driver Install

HP Deskjet Printer can be downloaded from 123.hp.com/setup. Follow our installation guidelines for Error-free Driver Setup.

HP Wireless Connection Setup

Setup and Configure your HP Deskjet Printer with wireless Connection and enjoy printing from anywhere

How to Setup And Install HP Printer?

First Time Printer 123.hp.com/Setup

  • To carefully eject the Printer tool, remove external tapes and stickers from outside the printer case.
  • Find a better location to repair a Deskjet Printer unit. Make sure the surface is perfectly smooth.
  • After 123.hp.com printing device is placed, proceed to the following steps to complete all printer configuration.
  • Once the printer unit has been placed near the machine, attach the one end of the cable to the port of a Deskjet Printer.
  • To validate the power cord connection, handle the other end of the cable to the device.
  • When the connection is assured, test if the connection is complete and disturbance-free.
  • Remove tapes and stickers from the cartridge slots before mounting the ink cartridges on the Deskjet Printer slots.
  • Only the black plastic portion of the ink cartridges should be touched. Hold it tight and put it back to the cartridge slots.
  • Once the cartridges have been fixed to the slots, close the Deskjet Printer access door.
  • Arrange paper sheets to get them loaded into the Deskjet Printer’s input tray.
  • Mount the paper carefully to the Deskjet Printer’s main entry tray and then adjust the sides.
  • Adjust the paper sides until they slide down to complete the 123.hp.com/setup.

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123 HP DJ Printer Driver Installation for Windows and Mac OS

To remember the most recent functionality on Windows and Mac on a regular basis, the Printer software must be downloaded and installed in its entirety. Follow the gentle steps to finish downloading the driver.

  • Switch on Deskjet Printer and link it to the active network. Go through the steps below to mount the engine.
  • Find the correct Printer driver in the driver list and click on the selected Printer driver.
  • If you want the USB cable attached, make a firm connection and then start downloading the driver by following the onscreen instructions.
  • Check if the cable has a minimum length and connect the ends to the printer system and machine.
  • When you choose the connection, pick the one you wish to connect to complete the driver installation.
  • After the installation has been completed, remove the cable from the HP Deskjet Printer port and end the installation process.
  • You will have to turn on the computer to get the active state on the HP Deskjet Printer to load the Printer driver on Mac.
  • Visit the official website and pick from the driver list the appropriate printer driver. When the USB cable is attached, link it wisely.
  • Set the strong link between the printer and the machine to start the installation process of the hp driver by following onscreen steps.
  • Confirm the availability of the Mac version and then follow the steps to choose the preferred alternative from the Apple menu.
  • To add a printer device to your list, select the machine preferences option and follow the steps. You may also delete the tool depending on the quality of the 123.hp.com/setup printer.
  • If the installation is finished, remove the cable from the system ports and seek to test the installation.

Printer Platform Support


10.7 OSX will be the basic pre-requisite for printers. Ensures you abnormal state security in the records and documents that you print. Your print job is going to be tasteful with the 123.hp.com/setup printers.


Things can be made simpler on your Windows PC if you’re not lucky enough to have Windows 7 Working System or higher adaptation. Windows offers a variety of selected alternate routes to print your desired information.

Smart Phone

You should never share this with any power gadget to print your private information. Thumps out those problems by adding extra highlight to the versatile printing.

123.hp.com/setup DJ Printer Wireless Connection Setup

To print files remotely, you must set up the 123.hp.com/setup dj Printer system wirelessly. Set the parameters in the wireless network and then enter the active network segment for the printer computer connection.

123 HP Deskjet Wireless Setup for Windows

  • Switch on the Deskjet Printer system and find the printer’s home screen before setting up the wireless setup on windows.
  • Choose the wireless option to select the 123.hp.com/set-up option from the wireless menu to select the wireless network settings.
  • The correct router for connecting the Deskjet Printer and wireless router to the wireless network is needed in the list of wireless routers.
  • When you are asked to enter the name and password, enter it manually in the form of a wireless network to set up the active network link.
  • You can select the desired network from the list of active wireless networks with the choice Wireless Setup Wizard. Click on it to attach the computer to the printer.
  • Wait a few seconds to connect the Deskjet Printer system to the active wireless network and try to print files from the printer.

123 HP Deskjet Wireless Setup for Mac

  • To set up Mac wireless settings, the Deskjet Printer unit must be turned on and connected to the network.
  • Install the latest Printer on the compatible OS software. You can then find various ways to link the printer system to the active wireless network.
  • To ensure network protection, collect the required information such as username and password. Enter the router and the printer computer manually.
  • To ensure the closing and active network connection for the 123.hp.com Printer device, arrange the wireless router near the printer device.
  • You must manually enter the passphrase to secure an active network link to connect the printer system and the router to the WPS setup.
  • Once you have completed your wireless link, you can print your wireless installation files from the Deskjet Printer app.

123 HP Printer Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is simpler if you are searching for proper advice of our experts. If you have any 123.hp.com printer issues, call our technicians to find the best solution instantly. Our guide will be with you until the problems are solved.

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